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 WP 5: Integrated system implementation (lead partner 1 NILU)
The objective of this work package is to carry out a cost benefit analysis and assess results for different emission reduction scenarios for pollutants in question, for the base year 2000 and for 2010 and 2020. This will be done through four case studies, for the Czech Republic, Germany, Norway and Poland.

Project database, as prepared in other WPs, will be expanded to contain the necessary
environmental, health and economic information, with appropriate geographic and
time-related references. This database will be compatible with input structure of the

The model defined in WP4 will be implemented, and applied.
An analysis of the model results will be done, and a final report from the project (an
integrated description and assessment of results of cost-benefit analysis) will be prepared. The analysis will incorporate results from all the work packages.